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Mirror TVs

Glass and Mirror Technology is excited to offer the latest technological development. Mirror TVs are the very latest innovation for your home, allowing homeowners to integrate a TV in a place where a mirror may look best aesthetically.

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About Glass & Mirror's Domestic Mirror TVs

To the untrained eye, your piece will look like a normal mirror. Hang it in your bathroom, above your mantelpiece or in any other part of the home where design is key and you want to keep your television concealed. This state of the art technology then turns into a TV at the touch of a button, allowing you to watch TV through your mirror. This innovation is perfect for homes looking to integrate design and technology. Always wanted to be able to watch TV in the bath? Add a mirror TV to your bathroom and you will be able to indulge in just that. Equally, if you like to watch the TV whilst getting ready, you could add to a vanity mirror, in a dressing room or in your bedroom, so that you can catch up on your favourite TV whilst still getting ready in front of the mirror.

A mirror TV helps to maximise wall space and offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a standard TV, which can take up space and appear unsightly.

We supply and install the very latest in mirror TV’s for the home across Yorkshire and the North of England. Contact us today for more details on our range of Mirror TVs.

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