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Shower Screens

Glass and Mirror Technology supplies shower screens in high quality, safety glass to fit any size and style of shower application.

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About Glass & Mirror's Shower Screens

We supply shower screens to a range of industries, who all have their own unique specifications. We work with housebuilders to add a key design feature to a new bathroom. We also supply gyms, hotels, care homes and corporate accommodation with a range of solutions. In applications where privacy is key, we can provide laminated or glazed glass, to ensure each user has their own privacy. Customers seeking shower screens for commercial applications can rest assured that all our shower screens are manufactured to the very highest standards, and we can accommodate any size of order.

Consult with our team on your specific requirements, and we can work to provide you with a commercial glass solution for your project. Whether it is a one off, or a large project where multiple shower screens are required, we can help to provide you with high quality glass shower screens that will last. We also provide a range of fittings, which can be chosen to suit your design.

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